Top 6 Wines Under $50

So you’re looking for a delicious wine for an upcoming dinner party but don’t want to spend your entire life savings on the bottle? Well, you’re not alone, and thankfully, you don’t have too spend anywhere near this amount to have an enjoyable beverage. In fact, some of the very best wines made in the world are less than $50, so you can provide some of the very best options for your guests or just yourself (if you decide to share). You can sip on these beverages while looking at the different menu options available on, or while sitting at home and going over the paper.

Ursa Columbia Valley 2008

This $35 bottle of wine out of Washington is produced by the Baer is one of the very best wines in the entire world, as Wine Spectator rated it 95 out of 100 points, and listed it as the sixth best beer of all 2011. The 2008 blend is a combination of Merlot and Cabernet Frac.

Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

The exactly $50 bottle of wine is an incredible display of rich earth, yet layered fruit in a brilliant display of craftsmanship. The Sonoma County, California produced wine received a total 95 points out of 100 from Wine Spectator and is listed as the fifth best wine of all of 2011. The winery is actually just 13 miles from the coast and the Pacific Ocean, giving it incredible soil.

Brunello di Montalcino 2006

This bottle of wine from Campogiovanni is an excellent display of Slovonian oak aging, as the 2006 bottle is one of the more desirable bottles in the world, when it comes to wine on the less expensive side. At $50, it might be at the top of your price range, but you’ll be glad you sampled this vintage. Right out of Tuscany, Italy, it received a 96 out of 100 and is the fourth best wine of 2011 by Wine Spectator.

2007 Delas Cotes Du Rhone

Exceptionally priced at $13.99, you’ll love every drop of this wine, as it provides you with every aspect of a wine you want. Delicious, earthy notes with a hint of fruit, all for far less than $50.2011

Argiolas Serralori

This rose wine is for those who enjoy it a bit sweeter, and at $15.99, you’ll love every drop of it.2010 Michel Gassier Cercius

Cotest du Rhone

This 93 point wine is perfect for any dinner party, at at only $14.99, it is not only a taste you can’t beat, but a price you can’t be also.